Professional Graphic Design

We offer Professional Graphic Design courses in Bangladesh. Join our online course to learn Graphic Design from our Graphic Design Expert. Visit our office Engr SEO, Sena Shopping Complex, Savar, Dhaka. Bangladesh.

Class 01:  (Adobe Photoshop)

  1. Introduction to Graphic Design
  2. Designing software
  3. Software Setup
  4. Designing tools
  5. Page Setup

Class 02:

  1. Introduction with Social Media Cover
  2. Different Social Media Cover Document Setup
  3. Discuss about Layer
  4. Text Wrap
  5. File Save

Class 03:

  1. Introduction to Business Card Design
  2. Business Card Document Setup
  3. Font Selection
  4. Color Combination
  5. Icon Use

Class 04:

  1. Introduction ID Card Design
  2. Document Setup
  3. Clipping Mask
  4. Drop Shadow
  5. Stock

Class 05:

  1. Introduction Email Signature
  2. Document Setup
  3. Icon Selection
  4. Texture and Pattern Use

Class 06:

  1. Gradient Tool
  2. Brush Tool
  3. Opacity Use
  4. Banner Design

Class 07:

  1. Background Remove
  2. Magic Wand Tool
  3. Quick Selection Tool
  4. Refine Edge
  5. Use of Eraser Tool

Class 08:

  1. Pen Tool Use
  2. Clipping Path
  3. Anchor Point add
  4. Delete Anchor Point
  5. Modify Anchor Point

Class 09:

  1. Manipulation
  2. Hue, Saturation
  3. Brightness and Contrast
  4. Filter Gallery
  5. Blur
  6. Layer Mask

Class 10:

  1. Introduction to Flyer Design
  2. Introduction with All Kind of Brochure
  3. Document Setup

Class 11:

  1. Photo Editing
  2. Image Retouch
  3. Spot Remove

Class 12:

  1. The tasks of the previous classes will be discussed

Class 13:

  1. Mockup Use
  2. Mockup Download

Adobe Illustrator

Class 14: (Adobe Illustrator)

  1. Introduction with Adobe Illustrator
  2. Document Setup
  3. Basic Tool
  4. Shape
  5. Color Use
  6. File Save

Class 15:

  1. Business Card Document setup
  2. Icon Use
  3. Pattern Use
  4. Font Outline

Class 16:

  1. ID Card Design
  2. Image Use
  3. Make Clipping Mask
  4. Drop Shadow
  5. Letterhead Document Setup

Class 17:

  1. Flyer document Setup
  2. Flyer Design
  3. Effect Use

Class 18:

  1. All Kinds of Brochure Design
  2. All kind of Brochure Document setup

Class 19:

  1. Logo Design Idea
  2. Document Setup

Class 20:

  1. Vector Tracing
  2. Pen tool Use

Class 21:

  1. Book Cover Document Setup
  2. T- Shirt Design
  3. Mockup

Class 22:

  1. Banner Design 
  2. Bill Board Design

Class 23:

1 Product Packing

  1. Document Setup
  2. Shape Arrange

Class 24:

  1. Portfolio Site
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Behance
  • Dribble
  • Others


Extra Class 25:

  1. Idea about basic UI/UX course


SEO Success Stories & Success Factors 2022 – Engr SEO

Check Our Live SEO Success Stories on Google

SEO Success Stories 2022
Fig: 01 SEO Success Stories 2022

I present to you the SEO  success stories of some of my latest projects in SEO and digital marketing services. Where you can see my SEO success story live. I have 3 years of work experience in a UK software company and 1 year in an e-commerce company in Bangladesh. Using the latest Google algorithm on any keyword, we bring your page to the top of the Google search engine result page with a guarantee. We always give priority to client satisfaction.

Project 1:   eCommerce SEO and Digital Marketing Services (Recent Project)


Tushardhara R/A, Holding # 141, Road # 02, Sector # 11, Kadamtoli 1362

SEO Success Story
Fig: 02 SEO Success Story


On August 1, 2021, I signed an agreement with SH SERVICE to provide SEO and digital marketing services. We provide SH SERVICE complete SEO like Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Local SEO services. We also provide Facebook and Google search and display, video promotion paid ads services. We have been branding and promoting them online with the best digital marketing services for 5 months. Due to this the visitors to their website increases and the volume of sales also increases. They earn much more profit. We present our success story to you within this month.

Content Writing & Keywords Rank Success Story

First we write unique fresh, readable and SEO friendly content for category pages of their website. Every content is on the top ranking in Google search results page. For example, their hot keyword was “Honda generator price in Bangladesh”. First I optimize a category page on their website. Then write the content for the category page 

Prove SEO Success story
Fig: 03 Prove SEO Success story

Which is currently number 2 in Google search engine result page. We also provide on-page and off-page SEO services for their products. All of their products are on the top page of Google search engine results. For example, their product was a Japanese brand of garden sprayer. My keywords were “Garden Sprayer”. Which has the top 2 number in Google search engine result page.

SEO Success story
Fig: 04 SEO Success Story

Google Search Console reports on visitor arrivals

Before I started working, their website used to have 2, 1 visitors. By starting my SEO, their content is getting top ranking and visitors are constantly increasing. Google search console results for the last 6 months are given below.

Search Console Report
Fig: 05 Search Console Report

Conclusion: I tried my best to work within five months of SH SERVICE. Client satisfaction is my priority. I tried to bring the category page and products to the top of the search engine results page. I think I did it with 100% success.

Project 2: SEO Indexing Problem Solution and On-page SEO (Ongoing Project)


1379 Jefferson St, Kansas, MO 64108, USA

Project Overview

Initially I started working with the Google index problem with ReviewCT. Other than their home page, no other pages were indexed. After some technical work all their pages are indexed. Later he was satisfied and gave complete SEO work. which is currently running. Some keywords currently rank as a result of my SEO services. Below is some keyword ranking evidence.

SEO Success Story
Fig: 06 SEO Success Story

The ReviewCT website is in the 6th position on the Google search engine results page for the keyword “Cheap google reviews”.

Also some other keywords are in top 20 pages
  • buy cheap google reviews
  • google reviews buy cheap
  • buy google reviews cheap
  • buy google reviews

Below is the list of other completed SEO projects

  1. Tech ICS -UK Base Software Company (2 year job experience)
  2. ICS legal – UK
  3. Ultraworld Scanning Service – UK
  4. Topbetinfo – Canada/UK/USA
  5. Bright Education BD
  6. Clipping path service – USA
  7. TopsellBD


Engr Sharif Dewan (MSc in CSE JU)

Chief Executive Officer


SEO Expert in Bangladesh | Engr Sharif Dewan

SEO Expert in Bangladesh | Engineer Sharif Dewan

Hi, I am Engineer Sharif Dewan. I have Completed MSc from Jahangirnagar University in Computer Science and Engineering. I am an expert at SEO and digital marketing services including SEO, Local SEO, E-Commerce SEO, YouTube SEO, Content writing, video making and marketing, Google advertising and Facebook Marketing and many more. I have completed an SEO and Digital Marketing course from “Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Youth Development Center” Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am also an expert at oracle software development by using tools oracle database 11g and form builder 10g. I have completed a course in oracle software development from a famous IT company. I have over 7 years of work experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization. I have done organic keyword ranking of international websites in many countries including website Tech ICS, ICS Legal, SH SERVICE, ultraworld scanning services and more. I am currently working as a Senior SEO Engineer and Digital Marketing executive at a multinational e-commerce company.  In 2018 I  Hopefully, I and our marketing team will try to give top service in your company’s organic ranking and branding. 

White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh | SEO Expert in BD

seo services in bangladesh

ENGRSEO is a well-known company for providing complete white hat SEO services in Bangladesh, specially expert in Ecommerce SEO services. We have been serving our clients for the last 5 years with ensuring their satisfaction. We have an organized and experienced white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh. So that can organic rank your website in the easiest and shortest way. We have several packages for individuals and companies. Moreover, we worked based on the client’s requirements. Also, the budget and size of your business do not matter to us. Our motto is providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients. You may contact us at for more queries. As well as, to know more about our premium SEO services in Bangladesh.

Why did you hire us for White Hat SEO services in Bangladesh?

If you’re a website owner or you have a business in the online industry then you need a digital marketer for growing your business. We are here to assist you to reach the top position in Google and increase your revenue as well. We offer different types of complete packages according to our client’s needs. It includes keyword research, article writing, on-page optimization, technical SEO optimization, off-page optimization or link building, SEO audit, and SMM or SEM.
We are committed to our clients to provide every single update and deliver the project at the right time. So, that client can observe their website performance and our activity as well. We are providing affordable and top-class SEO services in Bangladesh for everyone.

Why do you need the best local SEO services?

Local SEO services have become a new trend in recent years. Because SEO Service is one of the biggest factors to make your business or blog popular on the Internet. The SEO service helps you to increase the traffic to your blog or website.
You may find many SEO service provider companies or SEO experts in Bangladesh. But we are the best white hat SEO service providing company in Bangladesh. We have a huge experienced expert team, and supportive mentors as well.
best seo services in bangladesh
Contact us to establish your business or enhance your brand in the local digital market. We will provide you with the best and effective local SEO service that can increase your revenue. You will get continuous revisions until your satisfaction. We will improve your website performance by doing the following tasks:
          • Local Keyword Research
          • NAP Promotion.
          • Business Reviews
          • Optimize Your Google My Business
          • Google Map Submission
          • Google Map Citation
          • Direction.

Our Monthly SEO Services in Bangladesh

We have weekly, monthly, and project basis SEO services for everyone. We provide services based on the client’s needs and the budget. Our monthly SEO services start from $100 and this prices for every type of online business. We also do individual projects on a weekly basis at affordable prices.

Overview of our monthly SEO services:

Webmaster Tool Setup: We will submit your website to Google Search Console and Bing search engines.
Site Audit: We will audit your website to identify any important issues that are affecting rankings.
KW Density: We will analyze and fix the keyword density of your article.
KW Gap: We will find a keyword gap for your website.
KW Research: We will do effective keyword research that can rank fast on Search Engine.
Content Structure: We will provide you with a content structure based on new algorithms.
Yoast SEO: We will install premium Yoast SEO and optimize the content as per the Yoast plugin.
On-page SEO: We will optimize your titles, meta descriptions, subheadings, and image alt tags.
Link Building: We will fix both internal and external linking errors.
Article: We will write 600 to 2000 words of articles for your blogs or websites.
Off-page SEO: We will provide high-quality and relevant backlinks.
Action plan: We will provide you with an action plan on specific areas to improve your site.
Extra: We will verify Google My Business, Schema Markup, and Setup Google Analytics for your websites.
Detailed report: You will receive a monthly report from us.

The Benefits of Our SEO Services for E-commerce Websites in Bangladesh

We are the best white hat SEO company in Bangladesh. We offer high-quality SEO service at lower prices. Our services ensure that you will get the best SEO results and can increase your website traffic as well. We have a large and talented team of SEO experts. Our team experts know how to increase traffic and revenue for a website. We have done SEO in Bangladesh for a long time with a great reputation.
We are offering top-notch services of SEO for e-commerce websites. Our SEO service is a very popular and affordable one. Our SEO services are available in Bangladesh. Our SEO services are affordable of great quality. Our digital marketing experts will establish your business on the online platform. It is very beneficial for e-commerce businesses. We are here to help you to grow your business in the online industry.

The importance of SEO services for an e-commerce website in Bangladesh

SEO service is very popular among e-commerce businesses in Bangladesh. Because there are many E-Commerce Website owners in Bangladesh and it has become a recognized profession. If they want to increase their rankings in the Google search engine, they use some SEO packages. If they want to increase the sales of their products, they need to use some SEO services.
fast seo services in bangladesh
Websites are very important for your E-commerce business. This is why you have to make sure you promote and increase traffic on your website. Many times we see people who are good at marketing their business but they neglect to make their website. So if you are a businessperson and you want to promote your business on the web, you must make sure that your website is SEO optimized.

How We Provide Special SEO Services?

ENGRSEO proved that we are the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh. There are many reasons for our tremendous success. In the following, I listed them how are we providing special SEO services in Bangladesh:
      • Our company has a lot of experience with SEO.
      • Our company has a reputation for submitting work on time and in the right way.
      • We are one of the most regarded SEO service providers in Bangladesh.
      • The goal of our company is to meet the needs of clients.
      • Our company has an experienced SEO specialist team.
      • Our company supervises direct all work.
      • Credibility is the foundation of our company.
For all these reasons, our company can provide special SEO services for everyone.

How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google With SEO?

SEO is a long-term and ongoing process. To be honest, there is no one simple answer. It all depends on the type of website that you have and the keywords that you are targeting. Even more important is how aggressive you decide to be with your SEO campaign.
Google takes time and effort for top ranking. Our experience shows that we’ve been able to achieve solid results for our clients. There is no magical formula that guarantees rankings on the first page of the SERPs. There are many factors that can influence your website’s page rank and thus its position in the SERPs. The most important of these factors is quality content. Backlinks, site speed and social media interactions, and the quality of the website.
Our SEO marketing company can help you to reach first-page ranking on Google within 3-4 months. In general, we take 7 days for on-page and technical SEO fixing. But 15 days for proper link building can help you to reach the top position. This is the approximate duration for a low-competitive keyword.

The Importance of Organic SEO Marketing in the Digital Industry

Organic SEO is a time-consuming process. But it provides effective results with low prices. It is a natural way that can help a website to grow naturally and increase organic traffic. In this way, we can generate long-lasting visitors and enhance our brand as well. Our SEO service company follows an organic and white hat SEO marketing strategy. So, our clients can get good results in the digital marketing world.


ENGRSEO is providing first-class SEO, Ecommerce SEO and Local SEO services in Bangladesh. Already, We’re serving more than 1000 customers in the digital industry. We have professional SEO services for all kinds of clients. We have different solutions for every single problem of a website. Our local SEO expert team is always ready to serve our clients. Where the goal is to generate more revenue and increase traffic. Also, higher conversions and a good amount of customer engagement.
complete seo services in bangladesh
Contact us today to discuss your project and budget as well. So, our expert team can start your project and you will get the best SEO services in Bangladesh.

Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 (Latest Update Bangladesh)

Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 (Latest Update Bangladesh)

  1. What is SEO? 

Search engine optimization, sometimes called SEO, is the process of earning traffic from different search engines to a website or web pages.

Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers in 2022
Submit Domain and URL indexing in Search Console

2. What is SERPS? 

Search results pages or SERPS is the system of presenting content on search engines to a user search Query. 

3. What is On-Page SEO

 On-page SEO means developing specific web page content for search engines and users by using title tags, heading, content, image and internal link building with keywords.

Keyword Placement: Where should you put keywords in a webpage? *

I put keyword in title and meta description, page content, page header, link text and others

4. What is Off-Page SEO? 

Off-page SEO means the technique of backlinking to others web pages to earn users a website or web pages.

5. What is CTR? *

Click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users .

6. What is the most effective link-building strategy in 2022? 

The most effective link-building strategy in 2022 are  Claim Business Listings, Use Broken Link Building , Build links with images, Write guest posts and others

7. What are Core Web Vitals? 

 Core Web Vitals are the score of a user’s experience loading a webpage.

8. Did you work with Elementor Page Builder? 

Elementor is a visual website builder plugin for WordPress.

9. Write top 5 WordPress plugin that you use everyday 

Rank math, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WooCommerce and Wordfence Security.

10. What is the maximum traffic you have generated for a website? Mention only organic traffic from Google Search 

Youtube, Quora, Google Maps

11. Write top 5 SEO Tools you use every day *

Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

12. Write top 5 SEO blogs you read / follow *

Moz, Neil Patel, google SEO Guidelines,  Ahrefs Blog and Backlinko.