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SEO Success Stories 2022
Fig: 01 SEO Success Stories 2022

I present to you the SEO  success stories of some of my latest projects in SEO and digital marketing services. Where you can see my SEO success story live. I have 3 years of work experience in a UK software company and 1 year in an e-commerce company in Bangladesh. Using the latest Google algorithm on any keyword, we bring your page to the top of the Google search engine result page with a guarantee. We always give priority to client satisfaction.

Project 1:   eCommerce SEO and Digital Marketing Services (Recent Project)


Tushardhara R/A, Holding # 141, Road # 02, Sector # 11, Kadamtoli 1362

SEO Success Story
Fig: 02 SEO Success Story


On August 1, 2021, I signed an agreement with SH SERVICE to provide SEO and digital marketing services. We provide SH SERVICE complete SEO like Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Local SEO services. We also provide Facebook and Google search and display, video promotion paid ads services. We have been branding and promoting them online with the best digital marketing services for 5 months. Due to this the visitors to their website increases and the volume of sales also increases. They earn much more profit. We present our success story to you within this month.

Content Writing & Keywords Rank Success Story

First we write unique fresh, readable and SEO friendly content for category pages of their website. Every content is on the top ranking in Google search results page. For example, their hot keyword was “Honda generator price in Bangladesh”. First I optimize a category page on their website. Then write the content for the category page 

Prove SEO Success story
Fig: 03 Prove SEO Success story

Which is currently number 2 in Google search engine result page. We also provide on-page and off-page SEO services for their products. All of their products are on the top page of Google search engine results. For example, their product was a Japanese brand of garden sprayer. My keywords were “Garden Sprayer price in Bangladesh”. Which has the top 2 number in Google search engine result page.

SEO Success story
Fig: 04 SEO Success Story


Check Google first page keyword rank-

Generator Keywords Water pump and Others
honda generator price in Bangladesh petrol water pump price in Bangladesh
5 kva honda generator price in Bangladesh gasoline water pump price in Bangladesh
20 kva generator price in Bangladesh diesel engine water pump price in Bangladesh
15 kva generator price in Bangladesh robin water pump price in Bangladesh
generator price in bangladesh gasoline water pump price in Bangladesh
petrol generator price in Bangladesh water pump price in Bangladesh
portable generator price in Bangladesh portable water pump price in Bangladesh
diesel generator price in bangladesh  diesel water pump price in Bangladesh
gasoline generator price in Bangladesh garden sprayer price in Bangladesh

Google Search Console reports on visitor arrivals

Before I started working, their website used to have 2, 1 visitors. By starting my SEO, their content is getting top ranking and visitors are constantly increasing. Google search console results for the last 6 months are given below.

Search Console Report
Fig: 05 Search Console Report

Conclusion: I tried my best to work within five months of SH SERVICE. Client satisfaction is my priority. I tried to bring the category page and products to the top of the search engine results page. I think I did it with 100% success.

Project 2: SEO Indexing Problem Solution and On-page SEO (Ongoing Project)

Govt Job Circular

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Overview

On June 1, 2023, I signed an agreement with “” to provide complete SEO services. Primarily, they contact me to rank their homepage on the top page on search engines. During the 5 months period, We bring their homepage and category pages to Google search engine first page. 

SEO Services
SEO Services

Check some keywords which rank first page in Google search engine – 


Below is the list of other completed SEO projects

  1. Tech ICS -UK Base Software Company (2 year job experience)
  2. ICS legal – UK
  3. Ultraworld Scanning Service – UK
  4. Topbetinfo – Canada/UK/USA
  5. Bright Education BD
  6. Clipping path service – USA
  7. TopsellBD
  8. Bright Education BD
  9. Key Resource Enterprise
  10. Maxfony TV


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